Mimi Lane

Tipperary girl Mimi Lane has begun to make a name for herself as “the little woman with the big voice”. A sound that pulls at the heart strings while confusing the natural expectations of pop. With a darkness in her lyrics and melodies, Mimi sings with a whole voice, using her entire range to express her deepest emotions. Singing from the soul is at the heart of this girls music. Her songs are written on piano and are built into massive dark pop ballads, combining her love for film and classical music with her passion for pop artists such as Sia and Adele, Mimi is forging a path in the music industry that she hopes will break boundaries. 


 “Debut single ‘I’m So Scared’ out now!

Lacuna Creations provided Mimi Lane with full lighting equipment for the music video  'I'm so Scared', provided photography and two 3D Parallax videos.