Competition Terms and Conditions:

Applying for the Competition Successfully

*In order to be considered for entry, all applicants must 

1. Follow @lacuna_creations on Instagram

2. Tag 2 friends or more in the @shitebloggerssay post

3. Share your favourite Lacuna Creations' post onto your Instagram story. Make sure to tag @lacuna_creations in the story or we will not be notified. The entrant's page must be on public so that Lacuna Creations can view it and count it. Any private pages where we do not see the story, can not be counted. 

Competition Dates

*Competition start date: 17/10/2019

*Competition ends Mid -18/10/2019


The Winner

*Competition winner will be chosen by Shitebloggerssay and released on their Instagram.

* Winner receives a free basic photoshoot package. 

*The winner will receive a Lacuna Creations' contract.

*The winner has 6 months to claim their prize. It is the winners choice if they wish to claim the prize within the 6 months or not.

* Basic package includes 1 round of editing revisions.

* Location/actors/props/insurance/dancers/makeup artists etc. are the clients responsibility and are not included in this package. 

* Winner must credit and tag Lacuna Creations for their work in every post to do with the music video/photographs. 

*The prize can not be swapped or sold under any circumstances to a third party.